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Joel Magnuson | Willamette University | CJBS: Pragmatism, Institutionalism, and Buddhism: Toward a Synthesis for Socially Engaged Buddhist Economics


Willamette University Abstract Socially engaged Buddhism addresses a wide range of con- temporary social and environmental crises from a distinc- tively Buddhist perspective. Much of the emphasis on this approach is on changing individual habits of behaviour and less on changing social structures and even less on trans- forming economic …

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Buddhism For Kids: BASIC BUDDHISM | FACTS ABOUT BUDDHISM FOR KIDS: The Heart of the Buddha’s Teachings

bodhi tree

The Buddha’s teaching can be simply summed up into three parts: Four Dharma Seals Four Noble Truths Noble Eightfold Path The Four Dharma Seals reflect the genuine teachings of the Buddha, just as a legal document is stamped with the royal seal. They can be simply explained by using the following terms: …

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Quang Minh Thich | FSU Library: Vietnamese Buddhism in America | 2-Abstract & Introduction

HT thich thien an 1

The Most Venerable H.T. Thích Thiên Ân ABSTRACT This dissertation seeks to shed light on the broad range of practices that Vietnamese Buddhism has contributed to the American religious landscape since its arrival due to the impact of the Vietnam War. Despite the presence of almost one million Buddhist Vietnamese and …

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