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Andrew Olendzki | Insight Journal | BCBS: Do It!

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Therīgāthā 118 karotha buddhasāsanaṃ, yaṃ katvā nānutappati. khippaṃ pādāni dhovitvā, ekamante nisīdatha. cetosamathamanuyuttā, karotha buddhasāsanaṃ Engage with the Buddha’s teaching! One who does so has no regrets. Quickly wipe the dust from your feet, And sit yourself down to one side. Practicing mental tranquility, —Engage with the Buddha’s teaching. Engage …

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Andrew Olendzki | Insight Journal | BCBS: What’s Left of the True Teaching

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samaṇassa ahū cintā pupphitamhi mahāvane ekaggassa nisinnassa pavivittassa jhāyino: [Thag 920] This thought occurred to the wanderer Who was seated, single minded, Among the flowers of the forest, Meditating in seclusion: aññathā lokanāthamhi tiṭṭhante purisuttame iriyaṃ āsi bhikkūhnaṃ aññathā dāni dissate. [Thag 921] Compared to when that best of men, …

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Stephen Batchelor | Insight Journal | BCBS: After Buddhism | A New Idiom for a Pragmatic, Ethical Culture Based on the Teachings of Gotama

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Insight Journal: With proper caveats about speculation, you go after a historical Buddha in this book—a real, if extraordinary, flesh-and-blood person. You do this through careful research of the texts and commentaries, and also by creating, based on that research, historical sketches of several other people who were his contemporaries. Some …

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Guo Gu | Insight Journal | BCBS: Silent Illumination

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“Silent Illumination,” or mozhao, is often associated with the Caodong (Jp. Soto) School of Chan (Jp. Zen), and specifically with master Hongzhi Zhengjue (1091-1157). Never before had anyone articulated this teaching so clearly. Hongzhi was prompted to write about Silent Illumination because it was so misunderstood and unfairly criticized. He wished …

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Christopher K. Germer | Insight Journal | Barre Center for Buddhist Studies: Mindfulness in Buddhism & Psychology

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Insight Journal asked Germer to talk about some key aspects of the growing overlap of Buddhist ideas and practices with Western psychotherapy. Insight Journal: Western psychology has had a couple of decades now, at least, in which the insights into human psychology in Buddhism have had a significant and broadening impact. Just …

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